you know what

I loved unicorns when I was eleven/twelve years old and then I learned that it was real soft and nerdy to love unicorns so I checked out of the whole unicorn-liking mindset because I felt a need to be hardening myself and copping a dark-stuff-only stance

then when I was 19 my girlfriend gave me a coffee cup with a unicorn on it and on receiving it I discovered that I had internalized some bullshit anti-unicorn stance and it made me sad

to those unicorns who didn’t get liked by me during my bullshit years: my bad, do you like carrots, I will leave a plate of carrots out by the back door, I also have oats







History will remember Johnny Polo as Raven’s best run.

Then why did you have to refer to him as Raven for anyone to even know who this is….

You’re right. I should have said “Scotty Flamingo.”

It doesn’t matter because he is an overrated piece of shit under any name you call you.

Except as “Johnny Polo.” I feel that one was pretty good.

I did like that incredibly short-lived WCW angle where they had Raven go back to the ridiculous super-rich neighborhood he was actually from and Sandman was inexplicably his wacky sitcom neighbor.

I love how they lifted DDP vs. Raven direct from ECW, right down to DDP knowing Raven as a snotty, stuck-up kid.

And Johnny Polo. Good God do I love Johnny Polo.